I want a home...but I can't find one!

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Real Estate

It's a seller's market there is no question about that right now! So what's a ready, willing and able buyer to do?  This is where it's important to see the value in a good realtor.  Establish a relationship with someone that has experience, you trust and shows they are willing to work hard for you.  It's extremely competitive for buyers at this time and being notified immediately of new properties that meet your criteria is critical...if not beforehand. 

We can set up a search that notifies us ASAP of the homes that might be of interest to you.  In addition we are notified on many properties with Coldwell Banker prior to listing.  Be careful if you're searching on your own through online websites as some of this material is outdated or delayed.  Convenient isn't always accurate.  If we can be of assistance please reach out.

Matt & Jenny Cannon

Coldwell Banker Downtown Sarasota